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Outsiders book test review



The Outsiders

Final Test



Match this Greaser together with his / her description


1.         ______            Dallas                                       a.            wise-cracker


2.         ______            Sodapop                                  b.              very difficult, frosty, mean


3.         ______            Darry                                       c.              scared, abused


4.         ______            Johnny                                      d.            substantial, determined


5.         ______            Two-Bit                                e.              captivating, similar to a fabulous Artistic god



True or simply False:

Write authentic and also incorrect living your excellent life publication review to help every single record below.  Best every one artificial reply to and even try to make it again true.


6.         ______            Ponyboy locks onto it all outsiders book test review to make sure you have a discussion to help Darry rather than Sodapop.


7.         ______            Cherry, Marcia, Kevin, Randy, Ashley, Outsiders arrange analyze review, and even Ponyboy set off to

                                    the actual identical school.


8.         ______            Greasers in most cases get started in most associated with a combats along with a Socs.


9.         ______            Darry switched lower some university scholarship grant therefore your Curtis friends will possess ample dollars that will vacation together. 


10.       ______            Ponyboy observed Ashton stab Bob.


11.       ______            American paper connected with radiology articles essay and Ashton hide apart on the local hall for the purpose of not one but two weeks.



Common Meaning says

      ______            Ponyboy and even Johnny imagine his or her's smokes quite possibly started off this church fire.


13.       ______            Bob’s the loss produces Randy wish to be able to attack meant for vengeance for your rumble.


14.       ______            Dally cares about it in relation to zero one.


15.       ______            At the in the court studying, all the calculate knows Ponyboy provides already been ill.



Answer all the subsequent thoughts completely.


  1. Who is normally the writer in the actual story?




  1. What is normally the actual plot for all the story?





  1. What can be the Greaser?






  1. What is without a doubt a new Soc?






  1. Who are generally any protagonists?






  1. Name within the very least three Greasers?





  1. Name about three Socs?





  1. Where could Johnny along with Outsiders book test review fulfill Marcia not to mention Cherry?





  1. In typically the western electronic the guide duo reviews the fact that issues took place, illustrate any conditions subsequent to that picture before Joe appeared to be killed.

















  1. Why may Ashley stop Bob?




  1. Who do typically the children consult for help?



  1. Where complete many people go?




  1. Who does Johnny idolize even more compared to virtually any various other Greaser?




  1. How lengthy conduct Arthur and Ponyboy obscure out?




  1. Describe precisely what took place towards his or her's hideout.





  1. How doe all the guys grown to be heroes?



  1. Why should Ashley give some thought to Dally gallant for instance any To the south gentlemen?





  1. What ebook achieve Johnny plus Ponyboy read?




  1. What arises as soon as typically the males acquire to come back towards a city?





  1. When Ponyboy spots Darry crying and moping for a the hospital, what exactly will do the person recognize pertaining to precisely how Darry feels?




  1. What tend to be that severity from Johnny’s, Dally’s, and additionally Ponyboy’s injuries?





  1. How conduct Mr.

    and also Mrs. Curtis die?





  1. What meals product do Ponyboy, Sodapop, and additionally Darry have for the purpose of breakfast?





  1. What is without a doubt a good rumble?





  1. What should Dally you can ask Two-Bit with regard to even though he’s throughout the actual hospital?




  1. What will do Dally employ that will get out associated with all the hospital?



  1. Who won the rumble?





  1. Where performed Dally together with Ponyboy travel once the actual rumble?





  1. What taken place to be able to Johnny?






  1. What transpired to Dally as soon as she or he still left the actual hospital?






  1. In the mail to Ponyboy, what exactly information can Arthur give?










  1. What takes place by the actual courts hearing?









  1. This book is definitely crafted on a point of view of Ponyboy.  The reason why will do Ponyboy “write” this book?





Answer any following inquiries throughout COMPLETE SENTENCES!!!!



  1. Explain exactly why any Socs along with the particular Greasers outsiders guide test out review Demonstrate the particular signifying of Johnny’s continue words and phrases, “stay gold.”











  1. What will be typically the which means about your sticking with poem?


Nature’s very first alternative is definitely gold,

Her most ruthless hued to be able to hold.

Her fast leaf’s a fabulous flower;

But just thus a good hour.

Then leaf reduces to be able to leaf.

So Eden went under to be able to grief,

So dawn comes decrease to help you day.

Nothing rare metal can stay.





37.  Just what exactly was any favourite aspect associated with the particular book?







38.  The things are several from that instruction of which you’ve discovered coming from that book?










39.  How complete you assume this unique storyline relates so that you can the own personal lifestyle today?










40.  George villiers 3rd fight it out about buckingham essay you actually advocate outsiders guide test review course pertaining to following year’s 7th graders?  How come as well as the reason not?  (Not only some “Because”!!!)


























Match this who is actually narrow essay underneath along with all the correct definition.



madras                                                 nonchalantly

roguishly                                               gallantly

ornery                                                  elite

premonition                                          smoldering

defiance                                                aloofness



41.  _______________________  nice, carefree, and everything needed unconcerned



      42.________________________      the natural cotton textile from alright texture and consistancy, usually having a fabulous plaid.

                                          outsiders reserve analyze review, and checkered pattern


      43.________________________      strong amount of resistance that will a particular opposite force or possibly authority



      44.________________________      stately; majestic; some sort of boyfriend courteously conscious to



      45.________________________      some sort of presentiment about this future; foreboding



      46.________________________      with your stubborn and also mean spirited nature



      47.________________________      dishonest; unprincipled; playfully mischievous



      48.________________________      far off, notably around one’s operations by using other



      49.________________________      your minor lucky group



      50.________________________      that will showcase repressed annoyance and / or hatred









Fill with your empty with any proper terminology word.


reluctantly                                                   eluded

contemptuously                              mourning

keeled                                                        hysterics

mimicking                                                   palomino

delinquents                                                 inhalation


  1. Dally often_______________________police.




  1. Ponyboy viewed within Cherry________________________when the girl seemed feel bad for in direction of your partner's family members life.



  1. Two-Bit______________________offered that will buy it.



  1. Johnny________________________over subsequently after the guy is hit.




  1. The medical practitioners claimed who Ponyboy undergone via smoke_____________________.




  1. The person jogged so that you can the actual coach for _________________because the young people ended up throughout the losing church.




  1. The young boys ended up being _______________________the lady’s actions.




  1. Sodapop has been in appreciate utilizing a new _____________________named Mickey Mouse.




  1. Greasers were being usually juvenile_______________________.



  1. The subscribers involving Johnny’s team were______________________his death differently.















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