Anne Rice’s Life and Works Research Paper

Anne Rice's Life and Works

Anne Grain

Anne Rice is an author born in October four, 1941, in New Orleans. She mainly writes imaginary horror reports, but this lady has also crafted some ebooks in the love genre. She was raised within a catholic family members. Her term was initially Howard, but the lady changed it to Anne when your woman started likely to school. It absolutely was Anne's mother, Katherine, who wanted her to be given its name her daddy. Anne's mother thought that if a girl had this identity she would offer an upper hand in society. This can be a quite unusual thought process, and Bea has offered, ‘'my mother was a bit of a mad girl, and a bit of a genius''.

Katherine passed away due to alcoholism the moment Anne was only 14 years old. Their family moved to Texas the moment she was 17, and it was right now there Anne found her spouse Stan Rice. They were both equally students for a high school called Richardson High School. In October 13, 1961, they got married.

The couple acquired a child called Michele in 1966. Unfortunately, Michele died of leukemia at the age of 5. Bea got thus emotionally depressed by this function that the girl started publishing a book called, Interview with the Vampire. Some parts taking place from this story has been said to have been inspired simply by Michele's death. The publication is the first story in the Vampire Stories series.

A man named John de Pointe du Lac claiming him self to be a goule arranges a gathering with a news reporter only known as ‘'the boy''. He explains to the story of how he became a goule to the reporter and from here the story begins.

2 hundred years ago once Louis would still be a mortal living in Fresh Orleans, he lost his younger brother. Because of this he lost that means in life and so, became suicidal. That's if a vampire called Lestat arrived. He wished to have someone to accompany him and he had found a liking to Louis. Lestat turns Paillette into a vampire and they turn into partners.

To start with, Louis was intimidated by the simple fact that he had to drink the blood of a individual, so instead he simply feeds by animals. He thought that...