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1 . Reality in simple terms can be defined as the truth. The fact is also the facts behind what we perceive since normal. We as man we are all several in our individual ways. Truth means different things to different people. What we believe that and our perception regarding something decides what is real to all of us. If we all have different perceptions of truth then the most notable issue is; do we know real authentic picture of reality? Reality in accounting is some thing I believe is incredibly hard for us people to identify. Firstly is that most of the measurement used in the accounting program are arbitrary. How can we know that something which is dependent on random decision or personal whim, instead of any cause or devices is " the truth”? Secondly accounting is also based upon assumptions.

So what is appears to be that in accounting there is no such thing as reality. Obviously we all couldn't know what is true if perhaps methods of accounting are based on arbitrary methods and assumptions. If this sounds so , nonetheless the big question is; just how can accountants speak reality if we don't know precisely what is reality. a. In the given question, the directors decision on selecting not to your life the going concern assumption while the company's performance and position is deteriorating is totally wrong and unethical. The organization knew well that there are people out there who are going to rely on their particular financial decisions to make very important decisions. Certainly not lifting the going concern assumption is likely to make stakeholders believe especially main users which the company's financial performance and position is going well and healthy when ever in fact it's not. In this instance the directors are communicating a false actuality. b. Very well communicating a false...

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