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Date of experiment: nineteenth February, 2013

Title: Carbs

Object: The purpose of this useful is to determinate the solubility of carbohydrates (Galactose, Sugar and Lactose), find out the sweetness flavor threshold and salt preference threshold. Likewise measure the sugar concentration of 3 common packed drinks and my style threshold sample for the 3 sugars and make the rant. Introduction:

Carbohydrate split up into two types which can be available carbohydrate and not available carbohydrate. Available carbohydrates incorporate monosaccharides, disaccharides, oligosaccharides and polysaccharides. Blood sugar and galactose are monosaccharides and hexoses, glucose can found in fruit and blood. Lactose, sucrose and maltose are disaccharides, lactose structure is Sugar 1-2 galactose, the entrave is ОІ1-4 glycosidic bond, it is dairy sugar and is important to baby. Sucrose composition is Sugar 1-2fructose Maltose, the addition is О±1-2 glycosidic relationship, it can found in plant sauces and desk sugar. Maltose structure is definitely Glucose 1-4 glucose, the linkage can be О±1-4 glycosidic bond, it is the most important sugar to human because human's brain only can use energy from glucose and a single maltose molecule contains two glucoses. In part 3 from the practical, utilized a digital refractometer to assess sugar attentiveness, the working theory of the digital refractometer is that light via an LED light source is targeted on the bottom area or a prism element. Each time a liquid test is included with the measuring surface with the prism, a number of the light can be transmitted throughout the solution and lost plus the rest of the mild is shown to the photodiode linear mixture to create a shadow line. The refractive index is straight related to the positioning of the darkness line on the photodiodes. If position in the shadow line has been immediately determined by the instrument, the interior software will associated with the situation to refractive index, or to another product of measure related to refractive index, and display a digital readout with an LCD or perhaps LED scale.


Try things out 1

The solubility of carbohydrates (1st time)

| Glucose| Galactose| Lactose

The weight of beaker(g)| 36. 23| thirty six. 24| forty two. 73

The weight of water(g)| 15. 22| 15. 54| 10. 02

The weight of beaker + water & dissolved sugar(g)| 48. 77| 47. 38| 53. 27| The pounds of blended sugar(g)| installment payments on your 32| 0. 60| zero. 52

The saturation stage of the sugar(mg/ml)| 227. 01| 56. 93| 51. 85

The solubility of carbs (2nd time)

| Glucose| Galactose| Lactose

The pounds of beaker(g)| 42. 76| 42. 75| 42. 75

The fat of water(g)| 9. 85| 10. 04| 9. 18

The excess weight of beaker + water + dissolved sugar(g)| 54. 70| 53. 42| 52. 41| The weight of dissolved sugar(g)| 2 . 09| 0. 63| 0. forty eight

The vividness point with the sugar(mg/ml)| 212. 18| 62. 75| 52. 29

The typical percentage of dissolved glucose

| Glucose| Galactose| Lactose

The average vividness point from the sugar(mg/ml)| 219. 60| 59. 84| 52. 10

Test 2

The result of sweetness preference threshold

Group mates| Sugar solution| Sucrose solution| Maltose solution| Ho (me)| 5| 3| 2

Lam| 5| 3| a few

Au| 5| 2| a couple of

Chan| 4| 3| 2

Chow| 1| 3| two

Experiment 3

The sweets concentration of 3 common packed drinks

| American Ginseng With Honey Drink| Xia Ku Cao| Imperatae Cane Drink| The sugar concentration marked at nourishment information (g/100mL)| 6. 5| 4. 8| 6. 0| Sugar concentration (%BRIX)| 5. 1| several. 4| 4. 2

The sugar focus of my own taste threshold sample intended for the 3 all kinds of sugar | Glucose solution| Sucrose solution| Maltose

Sugar attentiveness (%BRIX)| 2 . 0| 0. 9| zero. 5

Try things out 4

A result of salt style threshold

Group mates| Sodium solution

Ho (me)| a couple of

Lam| 2

Au| a couple of

Chan| two

Chow| a couple of


From the consequence of part you, can show the fact that average saturation point of the glucose (219. 60mg/ml) is the highest, is higher...

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