channels of comunications Dissertation

stations of comunications


Seminar upon communication

" Communication elements and Important discourse evaluation "

Instructor: Julieta, Andrenacci

Student: Ihona Winiger

Teachers Training Course- 2013-

-Instituto Superior Daguerre-


The essence this job is to evaluate different aspects of communication. Let me do it by using a video through which I will describe and illustrate communication components such as components of communication method, barriers to communication, body language, visual aids, and essential discourse research. To be much easier to understand what Let me analyse I will attached the YouTube video as well as the script in the video, where " s” is the audio or tv-sender of the message and " L” would be the listeners or receiver of the message.

Script from the video

S-I guess we can make started

L1-Sorry I was late.

S- No problem, we could just how to get started.

S- I actually am Michelle ROO from Webs shawl, as most of you know we were asked from your management group to develop an online site proposal intended for TJT, and i also appreciate this opportunity to speak with you. I hope when I surface finish today, you want webs gabardine to work with you. I understand each of you applied the web to some degree in your function so please stop me at any time you have virtually any questions or comments. Studies show that a site has twenty seconds to produce a positive impression on site visitors and engaged them to maintain their curiosity. Webs cape first design principal then is.... make a lasting first sight, one that inspires the user to enter the sight. In TJTs case we want to get the creativeness and the dynamism you bring to your projects although we need to keep in mind heavy design acquire time for you to download. So we propose a clean clean simple yet comprehensive home page. In page design we need to understand that many internet surfers need alternative text varieties and most in addition have a 14 in . monitor which usually accommodate a width of 640 -pixels, and most also have a modem of 28. almost 8. In addition to that we also got.... L2- Excuse Michel, I am shed.

S-Well, i want to explain, how big is the device just to resolve the installing time which can be my we tried to limit the design to 20kb. Did you could have a question? L3-Yes, what is a cote?

S- Fine, I can observe I'm merely confusing you let's just go to the demo website and i also will simply demonstrate what you need to know, so discussing go to the webs. Home page. The property page displays the name of the business and list of the services, after which if I simply click.. o.... hang on a minute, this is certainly supposed to be the house page... if I click here.. and if I click the link.. Yes ok, we get returning to the client site. L3-Can actually get back to the house page from a client web page? S- Aja.. It's in the bottom of every page you just click on the hotspot plus your back... el less the hooked into a... link away from sight, nevertheless we shouldn't get into that today... L3-On this finances summary how you justify this fife 1, 000 dollars research fee... S- Good studies expensive but I hope the design aspects of the website I've shown you today possess convinced you of the top quality of work all of us do for Webs hat. So that's it. Any other question?? First of all I think it is appropriated to describe the meaning of communication and also other aspects that will assist communication effective. Communication can be described as process of changing verbal and non-verbal communications. Although this can be a simple explanation, when I consider how we may communicate the topic becomes a many more complex. There are many categories of conversation and more than one may arise at any time. Conversation is troubled by the circumstance in which it takes place. A message or interaction is sent by the sender through a communication channel into a receiver, or multiple receivers. В When a single person sends a message to another, anyone sending the message needs to encodeВ their thoughts and feelings. They have to discover some words or actions that will be a code for his or her meaning. Anybody...