Automatic Train Gate Control Essay

Automatic Railway Door Control

Foreign Journal of Engineering Research & Technology (IJERT) ISSN: 2278-0181 Vol. 1 Concern 3, May possibly - 2012

Automation of Railway Door Control Using Microcontroller

Atul Kumar Dewangan, Meenu Gupta, Pratibha Patel Lecturer, Kirodimal Govt Polytechnic Raigarh, Chhattisgarh, India Degree Scholar Kirodimal Govt Polytechnic Raigarh, Chhattisgarh, India Diploma Scholar Kirodimal Govt Polytechnic Raigarh, Chhattisgarh, India Abstract There are many train crossings that happen to be unmanned as a result of lack of time, needed to match the demands. Therefore, many injuries occur by such crossings, since there is no person to take care of the functioning in the railway gate when a teach approaches the crossing. The purpose of this daily news is to control the control system of railway gate making use of the microcontroller. The proposed style has been designed using 8052 microcontroller to avoid railway mishaps occurring for unattended railway gates, if perhaps implemented diagnosis of educate approaching the gate may be sensed by way of two detectors placed on possibly side from the gate. This work utilizes two highly effective magnetic receptors; one of these magnetic sensors is definitely fixed in upside (from where the train comes) and similarly the other permanent magnet sensor is fixed by down side with the train direction. Sensors happen to be fixed about both sides with the gate. We all call the sensor over the train course as ‘foreside sensor' as well as the other while ‘after part sensor'. When foreside messfuhler gets stimulated, the sensed signal is usually sent to the microcontroller and the gate electric motor is turned on in one course by relay driver as well as the gate can be closed and stays closed until the train crosses the gate and reaches following side sensors. When following side messfuhler gets turned on and the transmission about the departure is definitely sent to the microcontroller, electric motor turns in opposite path and door opens and motor prevents. type of program with the help of different electrical, electronic digital and mechanised components.

2 . Train Crash

A classification of injuries by their results (consequences); elizabeth. g., head-on collisions, posterior collisions, derailments. Head on impact; one type of train accident is when two trains wage war front deal with with each other or perhaps train colliding on the same trail from contrary ends referred to as head on collision. Rear end accident; the different kind can be when a teach collides in to the other that may be in front of that, called a bottom collision. Derailments plain trail; a educate may derail on a basically straight observe that may cause the educate accident. Curves; derailment of your train much more common when there is a contour on the observe causing a major accident. Junctions; a train might also get derailed on a passageway, which is the place where two paths converge as one, or a single diverges in to two. Car accident contributors just like train visibility advance indicators, active warning, driver patterns, driver distraction and risk taking had been identified as prevalent human elements contributors to vehicle train grade traversing accident [3]. Factor includes highway and railway characteristic will be contributing component to incident at RLC [4]. The environmental factors are snow, heavy rainfall, fog, or blowing snow, which crash the educate [5]. The three primary factors contributing to accidents for RLC can be basic safety architectural studies, man factor, anatomist factor, and environment element [6]. The taxonomy of railway intersection car accident contributors is made to generate hypotheses and deduction about particular cases and common patterns of car accident (See Fig. 1) contributing factors [7].

1 . Introduction

Now a days, India is the country which having world‟s major railway network. Over a huge selection of railways operating on track each day. As we know that it is surely not possible to stop, the running train at fast is a few critical scenario or emergency arises. Coach accidents having serious repercussion in terms of loss in human lifestyle, injury, problems for Railway property. These resulting train incidents - contain Collision, Derailments, Fire in Trains, and...

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