Essay on Dale Carnegie Chapter 1 Valuation

Dale Carnegie Part 1 Value

Name: Lee Huan JetId: 111051-05132-010Date: 19/2/2013

The book that I have got read can be described as combination of two different literature that were published by Dale Carnegie. With this book, visitors will be able to discover how to win close friends and impact people, and in addition learn how to prevent worrying and start living. The book is extremely interesting as it teaches us values within an interesting method. For example , it tells us testimonies and also offers us illustrations. I think that this book is very useful for the continuing future of everyone.

Available, I have currently read the 1st chapter which can be the fundamental techniques in handling persons. In this section, there contains three different value that Dale Carnegie wants us to know and find out as well as applying it to our lives. The initially value I've gained through the chapter is usually do not criticize, condemn and complain. This will be significant as just about every people has their own satisfaction and also their particular sense of important. If they happen to be criticized, they will tend to believe that they are being ignored or looked straight down. They will are likely to put themselves in a defensive side and definitely will make him strive to rationalize himself. If one would not criticize one other, instead they can be praised for work, they will be able to job more efficiently. For instance , B. F. Skinner, a world-famous psychologist, has demonstrated this by doing experiment upon animals. It is found which the one's staying praised and reward for his or her good tendencies are able to know more efficiently than those that are being reprimanded for awful behavior. Condemn is also a task that we should never take. This bring not good to a person's own status as well as one more. One of the examples was that Abraham Lincoln, in the early days, constantly like to condemn people. One day, a politician that this individual condemned challenged him to a duel because of Lincoln's actions, although the cartouche was disrupted, this taught Lincoln an valuable lesson that one must not condemn one other and from that day on he would not condemn other folks anymore and therefore becoming 1...