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Group 1 -- Buddhism brought Chinese persons good things and people who like Buddhism over instability and disunity which will Buddhism was spreading and gaining popularity Doctor 1, Hello 4, Doc 6 Group 2 -- Confucians in China plus the Tang dynasty didn't like Buddhism - Doc two, Doc 3, Doc some, Doc 5

When Yoga which was spreaded by southernization in the first century, was gaining popularity in China during about 230 CE to 570 CE, which was the moment China experienced a period of instability and disunity or perhaps the war and rebellion state. After the propagate of Buddhism, the soberano structure was finally renewed. It's obviously shown that Buddhism in fact brought good stuff to happen which caused Cina to restore, nevertheless , the Tang dynasty especially the confucians did not appreciate it. Buddhism brought good stuff to Chinese suppliers and there are folks who favor in Buddhism, even as we can see in Document one particular, 4 and 6. Buddhism makes persons behave and portray as good people, and individuals are happy with Buddhism for his or her teachings which usually comfort all of them by saying that it will enable you to get to Nirvana if you follow it. For Document 1, it is known that if anyone serves Juggernaut or follows the best practices correctly, recites Buddhist scriptures, and makes a vow being reborn, they may enter Elysee at the end with their life. They will be enlightened in spirit. We all want to have a very good afterlife by simply entering Paradis. In order to enter Nirvana, according to the Buddhist teachings, they must act good and follow the teachings of Buddha, which make people behave great. This is created during 350 CE which can be during the state of battle and rebellion, and the teachings of Buddha act as a component to help China and tiawan unify. Via Document some, which is drafted during the war and rebellion state also, the article writer is saying that Buddhism is definitely not what you should compare with Confucianism which shows how persons start to question about Buddhism, which is exactly why the author had written this document. He composed it like a...