The Nehru Planetarium in New Delhi is situated in the green surroundings of the Young Murti Property, earlier the required residence of India's initially Prime Ressortchef (umgangssprachlich), Jawaharlal Nehru and now a museum in the memory. Conscious of the fact that the understanding of the spirit and method of science was crucial for children for being responsible residents, Nehru liked every possibility to be provided to these people in this project. In 1964, the Jawaharlal Nehru Funeral Fund was set up to advertise his tips and subsequently it undertook to build the Nehru Planetarium with its principal aim getting the advertising of astronomy education. В Nehru Planetarium is now a wing of the Nehru Memorial Art gallery and Catalogue. В В В В

The Planetarium have been constantly improvising and searching for programmes due to its visitors. В The strength of the planetarium lies in its live interactions and programs for visitors, pupils and newbie astronomers. The PlanetariumВ is always active with programs to get school and college students as well as for amateur astronomers. Through out the year, there are a number of workshops or observing activities. There are also Astronomy Quiz and Art competitions in the several weeks of Feb and Aug. The planetarium infrastructure and projection gear has extremely recently been enhanced with the upgradation process getting undertaken like a turn important project by the National Council of Scientific research Museums, Kolkata. В

The totally normal programmes of the Planetarium contain public shows at eleven: 30 WAS (English), 1: 30 EVENING (Hindi), three or more: 00 PM (English) and 4: 00 PM (Hindi). The matters included in these programmes will be continuously updated. At present, this program - Chandra A stellar Life is available for public browsing at the planetarium. Watch out for applications on Light Pollution and Multiwavelength Astronomy, which are the designed new programs in the near future. WINTER CARNIVAL

The Annual Winter Carnival occured on Sunday, the 19th December. The campus in the school, about this pleasantly warm...