Everyman Close Reading Dissertation

Everyman Close Reading


EVERYMAN. O Jesu, help! Almost all hath forsaken me.

GREAT DEEDS. T?i, Everyman; Let me bide with thee.

I will not flee thee indeed;

Thou shalt find me a good friend in need.

EVERYMAN. Gramercy, Great Deeds! Right now may I true close friends see.[855] They may have forsaken me personally, every one;

I loved them better than my Good Deeds alone.

Know-how, will ye forsake myself also?

KNOWLEDGE. Yea, Everyman, when ye to Death shall get;

But not but, for zero manner of hazard.[860]

EVERYMAN. Gramercy Knowledge, using my heart.

KNOWLEDGE. Nay, yet Let me not from hence depart

Till I realize where ye shall become.

EVERYMAN. Methink, alas, that we must be absent

To make my personal reckoning and my bills pay,[865]

For I see my time is nigh put in away.

Have example, almost all ye that this do notice or find,

How they that I adored best to flee me,

Besides my Great Deeds that bideth genuinely.

GOOD DEEDS. All earthly things is but counter:[870]

Beauty, Strength, and Discernment do person forsake,

Foolish friends, and kinsmen, that fair spake—

All fleeth save Good Deeds, which am I. (851 – 873)

In Everyman, lines 851 – 873, the reader gets a sharper idea of what the theme of the play can be. It delivers into emphasis what the enjoy revolves around the majority of, and puts the rest of the enjoy together. From this section of the play right before Everyman climbs into his grave with Good Actions, Everyman discusses how everybody he thought were close friends to him abandoned him, and he recognizes Great Deeds if you are the one person, despite his past of paying him no brain, to go with him in the journey also to be with him until this individual reaches his grave, and the very end of his life. Good Deeds speaks of how and why dr. murphy is the only one to accompany him to meet his maker. This section justifies the reason behind why Good Deeds may be the one to go along with Everyman to the grave, and also past incidents in the enjoy.

The main point of this section is to reveal to the reader why...