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▪ To get familiar the interested and willing PG/Research students while using overall technique of Planning at the apex preparing body from the Nation.

▪ It is none a job neither any such guarantee for a job in the Planning Commission.


➢ Applicable to ‘ Of india Nationals ‘ only.

➢ Internships available to PG and Analysis students throughout their holidays, whom are willing to come with an exposure/familiarization of the overall processes involved in the formula of Five 12 months Plans and Annual Programs and their appraisal etc .

➢ Duration of internship will be maximum six months.

➢ Token remuneration @ Rs. 10, 000/- per month per Intern payable at the end.

➢ Each Intern will be provided with a minimum logistic support my spouse and i. e. workplace with intercoms sytem facility and computer center.

➢ The Interns would be fastened with different Partitions of the Preparing Commission keeping in view the areas of interest expressed by the individuals and as per the preference of that Division and the Section with whom the intern is fastened will make a specific project for the internship.

➢ These Interns will be necessary to present a quick report/paper towards the end of their assignment to the concerned Division showcasing their findings and the ideas, if virtually any.

➢ Records will be released to the Interns at the end of their internship.

➢ The interested PG/Research students seeking studies by various Colleges and recognized Research Institutes may send out their applications in the surrounded proforma alongwith their CVs (optional) by 1st of the month previous the month from which that they intend to sign up for.

➢ These applications may be delivered either simply by post or by hand to succeed in Administration I Section, Space No . 416, Yojana Bhawan, Sansad Marg, New Delhi- 110 001. This can be e-mailed at [email protected] in as well....

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