Marine Science Review Guideline Essay

Marine Research Review Guideline

MODULE four Review

Phytoplankton (Lessons some. 02, 5. 03, some. 04)

Exactly what are phytoplankton?

Realize that the 3 modifications that allow phytoplankton to float are: cavities in the center of their skin cells, cells contain oils and fats, and spines throughout the cavities Are phytoplankton the camp of the oceanic food cycle?

What points do phytoplankton need to endure?

What percentage of the Globe's oxygen happen to be phytoplankton in charge of producing? Which type of phytoplankton are responsible pertaining to red tide?

What unwanted side effects can reddish tide cause of the ocean environment? In the event that upwelling aids in phytoplankton progress, would fewer upwelling impact phytoplankton figures? How? How can a decline in phytoplankton impact the rest of the meals web? Might harmful algal blooms cause erosion?

If phytoplankton help reduce carbon on Earth, what would a growth amount of phytoplankton perform for co2 amounts? Sea Iguanas (Lesson 4. 07)

What do they will primarily feast upon?

What different types allow them to live and take in in the water?

Where do the marine iguanas live (they are only present in this one area of the world)? Why do these kinds of cold blooded organisms lay down on the stones instead of be in the chilly water? What is the main reason for decline in population?

Galapagos Islands (Lessons 4. apr, 4. summer, 4. 07)

Why do the same kinds on several Galapagos Destinations have slightly different traits? Precisely what is the process of adapting to live more successfully and survive within a habitat referred to as? Food Chains/Webs (Lessons four. 08, 5. 09)

Know order of organisms within a food sequence. (primary producer, consumers – tertiary, quairtinary, primary, second, and the function of the decomposer) Would bacteria be considered a decomposer?

What happens to the 90% of one's that does not copy to the next trophic level within a food sequence? What amount of energy gets transferred to each level of the food cycle as you progress it? Understand how to choose organism types in a food sequence

EX: phytoplankton = main producer...