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п»їRunning head: Performance Appraisals and Positive Psychology1

Frances Daniels

March seventeen, 2015

Ashford University

PSY 302 Industrial/Organizational Psychology

Teacher: Julie Meeks

Running brain: Performance Appraisals and Positive Psychology2 Fuzy

The following daily news will give useful information concerning performance appraisal. It will also provide example of personal experience with assessments. Next the strengths and weaknesses of the evaluation process will be incorporated into the paper. Last but not least strategies to increase the performance appraisal process within your workplace for a more positive experience in the future.

Operating head: Overall performance Appraisals and Positive Psychology3 Many companies perform evaluations during specific times of the year. During this time, the employee provides a meeting with their very own supervisor. Several things are discussed during this appointment; job performance, attendances and goals if perhaps applicable. This kind of evaluation can be bought to the employee and a copy is also put in their staff file. Overall performance appraisals ought to be conducted during this time. At my current place of employment, we have monthly one-on-one meeting with personnel as well as end of the yr evaluation. The monthly gatherings are to allow employees to see how they happen to be performing, provide positive reviews and suggest if their is room to get improvement. We have what is known as performance administration central. This is where everything is recorded. The employees has the chance to speak issues accomplishment throughout the year and list any wish for advancement in the company. The end of the yr review, can determine if the employee will receive an increase or promotion. The rankings are requires improvement, low meets, fulfills, high complies with and exceeds. There are many items that coincide with an employee receiving a raise. The director has direct control about whether or not the staff receives a raise or not really. They have the strength to overturn decision and offer advice to higher management around the employee's account. " Evaluation meetings will be valuable to employees to get receiving reviews, but occasionally they can be terribly uncomfortable for both the employee and supervisor. ”(Internet, 2014) " Within companies, assessment of employees' efficiency tends to be regarded as a necessary bad that none managers neither staff especially likes. Various employees fear that also one low performance score could affect their pay or destruction their profession. ”( Youssef, Noon, 2014) Some weak points in the evaluation process are different errors. These kinds of errors may not be done

Running mind: Performance Evaluations and Positive Psychology4

unintended however , in case the employee includes a problem or concern with all their evaluation it should be a system in position that will allow those to voice their particular concern devoid of biased treatment. In some cases mistakes may be deliberate. Managers have the power to deliberately rate employees poorly as a result of personal feelings or some other reasons that should not really affect the people performance They can be several things may improve the functionality appraisal process in your workplace for a more positive experience in the future. " Companies should see the process of building and preserving a well-functioning performance evaluation system like a worthwhile purchase, rather than just an expense, a formality, or a necessary nasty. ” (Youssef, Noon, 2014) Allowing automobile to take part as well as provide feedback can help with fewer error, consequently yielding an effective and appropriate evaluation.

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Significance of Performance Supervision Process & Best Practices

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