Organizational Behavior - Blue jean Lewis by Staples Example Essay

Organizational Patterns - Blue jean Lewis at Staples Example


July 18, 2007

The interchange among task habit, relationship patterns, and follower readiness may be the foundation of situational leadership. Several focus on romance or activity behavior is applied to followers upon different openness levels.

Task behavior is the level of detailed direction given by an innovator to a follower or a group for them to execute a task. Included in these directions are particulars of the technique to perform the job as well as the place and the parties involved.

Relationship behavior is the grade of interaction involving the leader plus the follower or perhaps group.

Preparedness is the degree of willingness and capability a follower displays. " The 2 major components of readiness are ability and willingness” (Hersey, Blanchard, & Johnson, 2001) Ability is composed of the follower's qualifications for a particular task. Hersey (2001) catalogs these requirements as know-how, skill and experience. Motivation is the standard of confidence, dedication and inspiration that someone shows. Readiness is not only a personal feature as it varies from a task to another. Confidence is the expressed idea that one can perform a job. The fact that the individual is definitely confident will not necessarily make him competent of completing an project, as it is a mental state rather than a measure of expertise. Commitment can be an established determination to undertake a responsibility, and inspiration is the expressed desire to take action.

Based on the level of ability and willingness a person might be classified into several levels of preparedness as follows: R1 - Incapable and Not willing

R2 – Unable but Willing

R3 – In a position but Reluctant

R4 – Able and Willing

R1 people do not have possibly the necessary amount of skill or the commitment to do a task. R2 individuals are certainly not qualified, but have the motivation to undertake the responsibility. R3 people have the ability to carry out the task but are reluctant to execute it. Finally, R4...

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