Elements of Semiology Essay

Elements of Semiology

Black Swan was released in 2010 and it is based on a well known tale " Swan Lake” with a twist of emotional thrill. When looking at the cartel for this film one has not any her choice but to evaluate it deeply. This cartel automatically captivates the audience by the actress' pointed eyes, it can be as if you turn into hypnotised by simply them and emotionless and pale encounter as it fishing lures you in, as eyes are considered the house windows to the heart. The most obvious and main characteristic of this picture is the actress' face and strong creates playing after her power whilst her eyes seem directly to the audience generating a submissive sense. Whilst the left and right area telling another type of story and contradicting each other, the right aspect of her which is the paler part of the two represents her innocence and purity and her part within Swan Lake. Whereas the left side of her face shows a much more dark tone, the crack that is certainly drawn down her encounter can enjoy emphasis on the mental breakdown and pressure that she finds their self going through. As it is the majority of the side of her face that may be shown it indicates the journey she continues, the difference in personality and what area of her is going to be more evident inside the film. One more is the minimal use of colors. The light and paleness of the character that denotes the purity and her youth is juxtaposition resistant to the black backdrop which plays upon the mystery and corruption which will fill occur as it harnesses over her. Not only this however the minimal gentle red lip area are a meaning of the conflicting emotions that she is but to face, the eagerness and like vs the violence and evil. This kind of poster could suggest a cultural misconception a message that trying to best and shoot for a particular picture is hard to keep up. Stress contributes to one's health a great deal and due to the realisation of certain aspects of life could result to a breakdown as she is delivered to reality even though things are collapsing before her. This is shown in the image...

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