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"Precious" Movie Assessment

" Precious” The Movie Review

Precious is a girl who is so self conscious and turn off, She is incredibly quiet towards the point that she barely speaks to anyone which is nearly illiterate. As the storyline is told, she conceives a child from a rasurado that took place to her. Valuable tries her very best to fit in with other folks, but as she struggles at school is cared for with mocking cruelty. She is a girl clearly in a lot of pain and shame. Although her mother is always angry her the lady vows to happily locate her goal in life. She gets that your woman can favorably make a life pertaining to herself while using help the girl found in a counselor who treats her with esteem and completely understands her pain and suffering. This can be such an amazing actress that has powerfully done a remarkable film. I truly advise those young girls who are going through the same situation to view this beautifully done film.

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I must compare warring as the second paragraph for the first, because I can relate to the more serious of scenario that Important went through in her your life. In my life I've felt like Valuable never having floss feeling of getting the nicest person. I felt less expensive that most women. It was a tough life to live, but as I acquired older I became wiser and I felt as though I used to be the luckiest girl to acquire survived such an ordeal. At times life hardly ever paints the prettiest photo of the life we would like to have live, but being decide and obtaining the faith to outlive is the most effective thing any individual can possess. I have a child and a daughter and i also vowed to become a strong mother for them. I've two of the neatest kids a mom can have and because of them I actually live a joyous existence.