Seat Belt Laws and regulations Essay

Automobile Laws

Jennifer Isaac

English 112

November 12, 2011

Say Yes to our lives and Saving bucks

As I sit at a reddish light, an automobile rushes earlier and collides with one other vehicle inside the intersection. My spouse and i call emmergency 911 then, after having a few minutes, an ambulance drags up on the scene. The EMT drawn a man via his car; his head a bloody mess in the impact with all the windshield. They put him inside the ambulance, after having a bit of trouble getting him on the traction, and run him towards the emergency room. After that night while watching the half a dozen o'clock media I see an interview with the authorities chief; this individual states that the man died in the hospital. However , the driver likely would have lived if perhaps he would have been completely wearing his seat belt. With scenes like this, it is apparent that automobile laws ought to be in effect as well as enforced. Car fatalities possess a big impact about mortality prices and insurance costs; therefore , enforcing seat belt laws and regulations can have a confident effect on society.

Automobiles possess progressed through the years, and have turn into faster, the faster you decide to go the greater the effect when an accident occurs. Federal and Express agencies are suffering from speed limitations and other recommendations, which when enforced, help in keeping passengers safe. Even though these laws are in place, mishaps still occur; however , when the proper safety measures are taken, risks can be minimized. As technology advances so will certainly vehicles; consequently , safety will continue to be a major concern. It is to the motorists to determine to wear a seat belt, yet law enforcement representatives are the ones who are there to put in force seat belt laws. Seat belts during installation into every car and truck, yet should we must wear them? Every single state has a different legislation about who does and does not need to wear them, but also in the state of Indiana if you are in a car that may be equipped with seat belts and anyone above the age of 14 you are required to wear a seat belt. Also, children must use the right car seat for weight right up until they reach 135 centimeters tall or perhaps their 12th birthday, whatever comes first. There are lots of other reasons that you do not need to use a as well as such as a high level00 driver that is reversing, or supervising a learner new driver who is treating, in a motor vehicle used for law enforcement, fire, and rescue solutions, a traveling in a trade vehicle and you are investigating a fault, driving a car a good vehicle on deliveries that is touring no more than 55 meters between stops, or possibly a licensed taxi driver who may be ‘playing pertaining to hire' or carrying passengers (Using, 1). If there is a reason that you cannot wear a as well as due to medical reasons, your physician must issue you a ‘Certificate of Exemption pertaining to Compulsory Automobile Wearing'. You should keep this in your car at all times and handy if the police officer draws you above. There are strict seat belt laws and regulations world-wide but , according to statistics, they may be hardly followed. Approximately 50% of lives will be salvaged in an incident if persons wear seat belts. Seat belt security statistics show that mostly the younger population involving the age groups 16-35 is rarely found putting on seat belts. And also facts as well prove that 70% of the people wearing a as well as have averted injuries also on meeting with an accident. It really is found that nearly 10, 000 lives can be preserved every year just by wearing a seat belt (Pandit 1). Relating to studies cited by Independence Company, " The moment subjects whom normally did not wear seat belts were asked to do so, these were observed to push faster, implemented more strongly, and braked later. Put simply, people who are naturally cautious voluntarily choose to put on seat belts, and voluntarily travel safely. When reckless folks are forced to have on seat belts, they will " compensate” for the increased protection by generating more recklessly. Furthermore, not any jurisdiction which includes passed a seat belt law has shown proof of a reduction in highway accident loss of life. ”(Veksler 1) Seat belts had been designed to conserve peoples' lives, this will only work if they are donned...

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