3. 05 life Exploration Paper

3. 05 life

п»ї3. a few Family Patterns

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Reference 1

After reading the truth scenarios, choose one and answer the following inquiries.

1 . Case Scenario____________________ (5 points)

" If We Really Love Each Other, Why Do We Have to Speak about This? "

1 . Where did the characters learn their conversation style? (5 points) Jenny probably experienced parents who taught her to talk about virtually any issues the girl with having. Paul most likely retains everything to him self and failed to grow up to express his feelings.

b. Determine the interaction roadblocks these barriers present in the scenario. To review the communication roadblocks, read the info found in lesson 3. several. (5 points) Avoiding the subject

Section 2

Resource two

Read the training course resource information concerning vertical and level conversation. Answer the subsequent questions depending on that data. 2 . After reviewing level and up and down communication, what style of communicator are you? (5 points) Vertical___________


I i am a up and down communicator.

3. Which style do you really see most regularly in your family's communication? (level or vertical) ___________ (5 points) My mom is a level communicator, although my sisters and daddy are straight communicators. 5. Give two examples of just how vertical interaction might be employed by family members when communicating. (5 points every answer total of 15 points) A. Teen works out, rather than consequences the lady gets grounded. B. A kid is always interupting a convorsation between parents and other kid. 5. Are your family members free to connect their real feelings to one another? _____ (5 points) Yes.

a. For what reason or perhaps you should? (5 points)

We always say whenever we have a problem, to talk. Whether it is good or bad, we let each other know what's going on.

6. Identify two strategies of level connection you would feel at ease using together with your family. (5 points each answer total of 10) A. opinion sharing

M. negotiating

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