Taking Edges Case Analysis One  Avon Products, Inc.: Essay

Taking Sides Case Analysis One particular – Avon Products, Incorporation.:

This daily news will discuss and argue Avon's location on whether the grand strategy, under the leadership of Hazel Jung provides its merits and if the grand technique is correctly focused and directed. In addition , discuss and argue the positioning if the grand strategy of Jung is usually not ideal and needs to get refocused (Syllabus, 2005, s. 16). Evidence will be offered supporting every single argument and ultimately the decision rational will go over why the weaker elements of the case study were terminated. Strategic administration can, through long-term goal planning and strategic rendering, provide an firm the grand strategies needed in getting together with its business mission, desired goals, objectives, and ultimately maximize shareholder prosperity (Pearce and Robinson, 2006, p. 19). Discussion


Andrea Jung, president and Chief Executive Officer in Avon Products, Inc. as November 99, is up against the strategic decision of developing a development strategy for a 115-year-old firm in the planting season of 2000 (Pearce and Robinson, 2005, p. 28-1). In the case analyze, Avon was "... the world's greatest direct seller of beauty and related personal care products, sold to ladies in 137 countries by means of three mil independent product sales representatives who generated roughly $5. 1 billion in annual revenues" (Pearce and Robinson, june 2006, p. 28-1). Avon acquired had global success and brand identification, but single digit progress indicated the organization and its command needed to give new direction in the grand strategies to be used. Argument 1

The first argument is that Avon's grand strategy underneath the leadership of Andrea Jung has its merits which is the grand strategy can be properly centered and directed (Syllabus, 2006, p. 16). Evidence

The grand tactics that Jung has put in place for Avon are meeting with the strategic vision of Avon. The strategic aims that Jung proposed are clearly foreseeable future orientated and appear to be measurable and accessible. In a rapidly changing market environment...

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