Teen Marital life Essay

Teen Relationship

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" While many teens aren't even thinking of getting married when they are in high school graduation, there are some teenagers who assume that they have found their soul mate and want to get married at a young age.  Marriage is a serious determination and a life choice, so teens need to know what they are getting into.  It is not really a decision that should be made in excitement. ”  –http://www.child.net/articals/marriage/ Teen marital life is fading away from society.  It is no longer considered circumstances to marry in your teenage years in fact it is, in fact , usually frowned upon in today's society.  Teenagers marry for several reasons, many of these reasons are bad, and others are good purposes.  Some factors are not appropriate reasons to get married to.  Such as wanting to get rid your parents, to obtain sex, showing you invariably is an adult, since you or your fiancé is pregnant or want a baby, out of fear that no person else may wish to marry you, you think you are running out of fashion to marry, you don't want people gossiping about the both of you living jointly.  Some good reasons to marry in your teenage years will you be are truly in love with your fiancé, a desire to reveal your life with another, to have a lifetime associate whom will certainly support you, and motivation to help the fiancé satisfy their own requirements and dreams.  � Teen marriage may be the union of two teenagers, joined in matrimony from the regarding fourteen to nineteen years old.  Until the late twentieth century, teenager marriage was very common.  Many factors bring about teenagers wishing to marry, such as teen being pregnant, religion, reliability, family and peer pressure, set up marriage, economical and personal reasons, social advancement, and cultural factors.  Studies have demostrated that teenage married couples are often less strategic, may come from broken homes, may have little education and job low position jobs in evaluation to those that get married to after age of puberty; all of these factors can lead to monetary and...