Writing and Summary Composition

Publishing and Brief summary

п»їLecture 2

Overview Writing

Instructing aims

1 ) Students understand what summary articles are.

2 . Students learn to write a summary.

I. Just what summary?

A summary can be defined as a brief restatement, is likely to words, with the content of your passage ( a group of paragraphs, a phase, an article, a book ). This kind of restatement ought to focus on the central idea of the passage. And it will certainly not contain any own views or findings. A good overview should have 3 main attributes: brevity, completeness and objectivity. Brief as a summary should be, it may be shorter or longer relatively. Brief summaries (one or two sentences ) is going to do. Longer and even more complete overview will show, in condensed form, the primary points inside the passage that support or perhaps explain the central idea. It will indicate the order in which these points are presented plus the emphasis provided to them. It might even incorporate some essential examples in the passage. But it really will not incorporate minor information.

2. Features of a synopsis

1 . Using the same order of specifics and ideas as the original

installment payments on your Using all the information from the original

3. Applying non-e of the same vocabulary factory-like

4. Using different grammatical structures through the original

five. Emphasizing the points you really feel are important in the original 6. Giving your opinion about or commenting on the original

III. Procedures of writing

1 . First it is crucial to decide experience summarizing. Are you going to use this details in an composition? Do you need the particular main suggestions or are the main points also important? Probably only parts of the text will be relevant; then you need to be a lot more selective.

2 . Before you attempt to summarize, it is essential that you just understand the material you plan to summarize; if the ideas in the materials are not very clear to you, then they will not be clear to the audience when you exhibit them in writing.

3. Read the passage cautiously. Determine its structure and identify the author's...